Mizar Diamond Detective Diamond Tester


MIZAR Diamond Detective Diamond Tester

2 year Manufacture Warranty 

This state-of-the-art tester is simple but precise, giving the user a quick "true / false" reading.

Housed in a high impact plastic case, it is everything one needs to test diamonds in rapid succession , whether mounted or un-mounted.

Features include: Metal alert Large / small switch for testing diamonds over and under 8 points Diamond indicator (a green light), which illuminates if the stone is a diamond

7 second warm-up time with a 150 second shut off alarm
If the stone is a simulant nothing happens

Comes with complete instructions and carries a 2 year warranty except for the battery and tip damage Low battery indicator;

9V Battery included.

1. Probe
2. Diamond Indicator
3. Ready Lamp
4. Wait/Low Battery Lamp

5. Battery Compartment
6. Conductive Panel
7. Small/Large Stone Switch

8. "ON" Button
9. "OFF" Button

1. Rotate the Thumbwheel (7) to the right for large stones.
2. Press the "ON" button (8).
3. The Wait Lamp (4) will be lit.
4. All other display lamps will remain extinguished for the wait period which is typically less than nine seconds at room temperature. The time can increase with low temperatures or a weak battery. After the wait period there is a single beep.
5. If the waiting time exceeds twenty seconds or the Wait Lamp fails to extinguish replace the battery.
6. The Diamond Tester is ready to use after the Wait Lamp extinguishes and the Ready Lamp is lit.
7. When testing is completed always press the "OFF" button. Always turn off the unit immediately after testing to increase battery life.


If the red Low Battery lamp remains on and the Ready Lamp doesn't light within twenty seconds the battery must be replaced.
Stones being worn, which may be well above room temperature can be tested immediately using the SMALL STONE setting. Otherwise allow the stone to return to room temperature before testing.
When testing a small stone use the SMALL STONE setting and make good contact against the stone on the first test attempt, otherwise allow the stone to return to room temperature before retesting.

Always place the protective cover over the probe immediately after use. Probe tip damage is not covered in the warranty.
The only maintenance required is: (1.) cleaning the probe tip and (2) battery replacement

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