Golden Touch Electronic 9 - 22 K Gold Tester (Gel & Acid FREE)

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Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester,
the first non-gel micro-processor gold indicator
All defects will need to be processed though the
2 YEAR Manufacture Defect Warranty.
Golden Touch Technologies Gold Tester for 6 to 24 karat Gold

Product Information

Introducing the GoldenTouch Gold Tester, the first non-gel micro-processor gold indicator. The Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester is a compact unit that easily fits in your briefcase.

This instrument is useful to any person interested in establishing the gold content of any jewelry The Golden Touch Technology Electronic Gold Tester is easy to use. The advanced electronics and the test strip do the trick. The test mode will confirm if the jewelry in question contains gold anywhere from 6K to 24K (K = Karat). At the same time the Golden Touch tester will give you a clear indication if the tested jewelry is of solid gold or made of base metal plated with a thin layer of gold.( gold filled or gold plated )

The GoldenTouch Gold Tester will also establish if the tested jewelry is of 22K 18K 14K or 9K gold. Easy user friendly instructions are included with each unit. Each Golden Touch Technology Electronic Gold Tester comes with a package of 50 test strips. Each strip is good for several tests. After use, the marks on the strip will completely disappear within a few hours, and the same strip can be reused for testing. If needed 50 strips Packaged in a Plastic case can be purchased for $7.50 per 50 strip package.

Question and Answers

Q: What technology does the Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester use to determine gold content?

A: The Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester uses a molecular process of electrical currents to determine if an item is solid gold or gold plated and also can tell the grade of the gold. The electrode is attached to the gold and when the gold piece with the electrode attached is drawn across the test strip, it will leave a thin line. No gel is needed, so the jewelry is not damaged in any way.

Q: How does the Golden Touch gold tester show if the gold is solid or plated?

A: When the Golden Touch tester is in test mode, any jewelry that is solid gold will leave a long continuous line. If it is only gold plated, there will only be a very short line or mark since there is not enough gold to leave a longer line (it is not necessary to know which color it is).

Q: How do I test the grade of the gold with the Golden Touch Tester?

A: When using the Golden Touch Gold tester to test the grade of gold, first turn the dial to a higher grade setting and test the gold. For example, try testing the gold at 22K. If a continuous line is made, then this is the grade of the gold. If no line is made, or only small marks are made, gradually decrease the Golden Touch Gold Tester's grade setting by turning the dial to a lower setting until a continuous line is made. The grade setting at which you see the first continuous line will be the grade of the gold. For example, 14K will not leave a line on 22K or 18K, but it will leave a line on 14K. Please note that higher karat gold will leave a distinctive line at lower karat settings as well, but lower karat gold will not leave a distinctive line, at a higher karat setting.

Q: Does thr Golden Touch Gold Tester cause damage the finish of the gold being tested in any way? Are any marks left on the surface area being tested?

A: No,  when using the Golden touch tester there are no marks left on the tested surface. The jewelry does not get tarnished or damaged at all when testing. The Golden Touch gold Tester Manufacture can guarantee that the jewelry or any gold piece will be in the same condition as it was before testing.

Q: What is the difference between the colored lines made on the test strip?

A: Higher grade gold will leave a light yellow-orange colored line. Lower grades will leave a darker brown line, getting darker as the grade decreases. However, the color of the line is not necessary to know the grade.

Q: Does the Golden Touch Tester work on white gold and silver too?

A: The golden Touch Tester can distinguish between white gold and silver. While the tester will not react to silver, i.e. it will not leave a line, an item of white gold will leave a line if the it is manufactured by mixing in it different metals to turn it to white gold. Only if the gold is plated by a white metal (usually it is Rhodium) the tester will not react since it does not have the contact to the gold. The Golden Touch Tester does not test or indicate if a piece is Silver.

Q: How accurate is the Golden Touch Gold Tester? I.E. would a thick gold-plated finish fool the tester?

A: The test results are accurate, similar to the test made by acids. When there is a suspicion that the plating is thicker than usual, it is advisable to go over the same place a few times. If the tester will show you 14K, you can rely on it that it is 14K.

Q: What is the lifespan of the test strips for the Golden Touch Tester?  Can I order extra?  What is the cost per unit of the strips and how many are there? 

A: The test strips for the Golden Touch Tester can be used on both sides, so the 50 strips we originally supply will last a long time. We can also supply you with additional packs of 50 strips for $7.50 per package.

Q: We go to several auctions each year to buy and sell. Does the Golden Touch Tester give accurate, fast results, and is it portable?

A: Our Golden Touch electronic gold tester is portable (about the size of 2 cigarette boxes). It works on a 9v battery and can distinguish in about 5 to 10 seconds if the jewelry is plated or solid gold, and can also establish the grade of the gold.

Q: Where are the Golden Touch Testers made? 

A: The testers are made in the USA.

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