AmericanWeigh TB-2610 Balance Triple Beam Scale 2610 x 0.1 gram


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American Weigh TB-2610 Balance Triple Beam Scale 2610 x 0.1g

The TB -2610 from American Weigh is a traditional triple beam mechanical balance. Features a large stainless steel weighing surface and cool white finish. The attachment weight set is included, allowing you to increase the capacity from 610g to 2610g.


  • Built-in magnetic dampening allows the pointer to stop with a minimum of swings for quicker results.
  • Durable metal construction provides years of reliable service.
  • Agate bearings and precision knife edges produce accurate and repeatable results.
  • Spring loaded zero adjustment knob for zeroing the scale.
  • Attachment weight set included
  • Great for classrooms and laboratories!
  • Backed by a 10 year American Weigh Warranty!
American Weigh TB-2610 Balance Triple Beam Scale 2610 x 0.1g
Notched beams insure correct poise positioning.
American Weigh TB-2610 Balance Triple Beam Scale 2610 x 0.1g
Attachment weights included

American Weigh TB-2610 Balance Triple Beam Scale 2610 x 0.1g

(2610 with included attachment weights)


Beam Graduations

Rear beam: 100g x 10g
Center beam: 500g x 100g
Front beam: 10g x 0.1g

Scale Dimensions
17 x 4 x 6.25"
Platform Dimensions
6" Diameter
10 Year manufacture Limited Warranty

AMW-Triple Beam Manual

Thank you for purchasing the American Weigh Triple Beam Balance. Please read all operating instructions carefully before use. This mechanical scale is a precision instrument. With normal care and proper treatment, it will provide years of reliable service.

Keep the balance clean at all times. Most dirt or foreign matter can easily be removed with an air syringe, but a piece of adhesive backed tape pressed against the magnet faces will keep them free from dirt. Never apply lubricants to the knives or bearings and don't allow dirt or foreign materials to accumulate on any part of the beam.

Handle with care. Gently apply all items to be weighed onto the tray top. Although this scale is designed to be quite durable, try to avoid rough treatment as this may permanently damage it. Avoid dropping or otherwise shocking the scale.

Only operate the scale on a stable, vibration free surface.

Unpacking: Carefully remove the balance from the carton. You will find a slit rubber washer lodged underneath the platform base, and another above the pointer. The washers protect the scale during shipping and should be removed before use.

Set-up: Place the balance on a smooth, flat surface and slide each poise (sliding weight) to its zero position. With all poises at their zero position, the scale pointer should be near zero.Zeroing: If the pointer does not go to zero, you can adjust using the knob underneath the scales platform. It is advisable to check the zero adjustment periodically.

Weighing: Place the item to be weighed on the center of the platform and proceed as follows:

1. Starting with the largest capacity beam (500g), move the poise to the right to the first notch which causes the pointer to drop, then move it back one notch, causing the pointer to rise. Repeat this procedure with the 100 g poise.

2. Slide the 10 g poise to the position that brings the pointer

3. to rest at zero. The weight of the item on the platform is the sum of

4. the values of all poise positions, read directly from the graduated beams.

Attachment Weights: Total capacity is 2610 grams (5 pounds and 2 ounces) when attachment weights are suspended from the pivots. Without the weights, the capacity is 610 grams (1 pound and 2 ounces)

Troubleshooting: Before troubleshooting please take these words of "Balance Beam Wisdom". Balance Beams are a very old and basic design of scale. They date back to the ancient Egyptian Empire and Balance Beam scales were used to build the pyramids. Thus, the design is quite simple - a cup (hidden on modern beam scales) filled with metal loose weights and some metal sliding weights. Therefore fixing a Balance Beam scale requires very basic steps, such as adding or removing weight from the cup or using a wrench to make the beam swing smoothly (if it is touching or rubbing as it operates). First, before troubleshooting, be certain that you have correctly unpacked the scale and removed all rubber stoppers. Also be sure that the sliding weights are all at their proper ZERO position.

1. "The Scale Wont Zero": Sometimes in transport, the beam will some how become unbalanced. This means adjusting the zero knob doesnt make the scale zero properly. If this happens to your scale, please know that you can manually add or remove weight to the "Balance Cup". The Balance Cup is located underneath the round metal tray. Simply spin the tray off (counterclockwise) to access the Balance Cup and add or remove weight as follows:

If your scale would not zero because it was reading too light (meaning you would have to press down on the tray to make it zero), then add a small amount of weight to the cup (just a coin or paperclip - you can add or remove weight as you require)

If your scale would not zero because it was reading too heavy (meaning you would have to pull up on the tray to make it zero), then remove a small amount of weight from the cup (just remove a tiny amount, you can remove or add weight as you require).

If you are trying to compensate for a small bowl or tray, you can remove weight from the cup until the scale zeros. The Balance Beam is a very basic scale and if it zeros and moves freely, then it always reads accurately.

2. "The Beam is Rubbing / Touching": In order for this scale to work properly it must operate smoothly without touching or rubbing. Sometimes in transport the beam will get shifted and touch the internal magnets by the front of the beam (where the "0" indicator is). If this happens please try to manually adjust the beam using a wrench on the main bolt under the scale. Simply twist the beam to make it operate smoothly. If you cannot make the beam operate smoothly then the scale will need to be sent in for service.

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